Pipe Organ Sample Library Released


EdgeSounds Releases a Pipe Organ Sound Sample Library
Brooklyn, NY, January 12, 2009

EdgeSounds announces the release of the Pipe Organ sound sample library.

EdgeSounds Pipe Organ library delivers the sound of a gorgeous German pipe organ built in late 1970's. To achieve the best authenticity the sound was captured using Neumann microphones in a especially designed acoustic setting that excludes outside noises and natural reverberation. Each note was sampled individually in 24 Bit 96 KHz sound quality preserving rich harmonics of the stops and powerful sub-bases. Included are 4 pedal stops, 10 manual stops and 6 combinations.

Content includes 4.2 GB of material comprised of 20 instrument banks assembled from 1487 stereo samples in 24 Bit 96 KHz audio quality.

The EdgeSounds Pipe Organ sound sample library is available for NI Kontakt 2.2 or later, GIGA Studio 3 and compatible instruments.

For more info and demo songs please visit http://www.edgesounds.com/pipe-organ.aspx

MSRP: US$ 99.95


EdgeSounds Pipe Organ