Arranger Essentials for AKAI S-3000 Released


EdgeSounds Releases the Arranger Essentials for AKAI S-3000
Brooklyn, NY. July 16, 2008

EdgeSounds has released the Arranger Essentials CD-ROM for AKAI S-3000 compatible samplers.
EdgeSounds Arranger Essentials represents a universal collection of instruments that a composer, arranger or music producer is using on a regular basis. Not only having all these samples on one disk would save time, the distinct personality of presented samples would inspire the creativity.
Included are:
  • 35 Strings;
  • 17 Brass instruments;
  • 16 Pianos (including a 32Mb Blüthner Grand Piano bank);
  • 29 Woodwinds;
  • 4 Organs;
  • 38 acoustic, electric and synth basses;
  • 14 synth pads;
  • 1 Bayan;
  • 1 Bandoneón;
  • 1 Electric guitar (Fender Stratocaster);
  • 8 Percussion banks
Totaling 2160 samples, all carefully recorded and sampled in AKAI S-3000 format, 44Khz, 16bit quality.
MSRP: US$ 39.95


EdgeSounds Arranger Essentials