EdgeSounds Updates the RatHole for MAC OS X to v. 3.6.1


EdgeSounds Updates the RatHole for MAC OS X to v. 3.6.1.
Brooklyn, NY, 07.07.2007

EdgeSounds has released an update for the RatHole for MAC OS X.
The new version (v. 3.6.1) is now the Universal Binary and features improved performance and stability.
About the RatHole:

EdgeSounds RatHole is a free unique universal archiving utility. It was especially designed for nondestructive compression of any files containing audio data in PCM 8/16/24 or 32 bit format. The RatHole's compression algorithm is based on a principle of self-training neural networks, which means that the more it is used the better would be the result. A new EdgeSounds compression algorithm makes it possible to efficiently reduce the size of packed audio data and later expand exactly same bits, with no difference to the original. The compression algorithm compresses audio data, considering the bit depth of the digital data contained in an audio file (8/16/24/32 bit). The algorithm is proven to be equally effective on compressing any type audio files, sample banks, multi-track audio files, Impulse Tracker Instrument files and any other files containing audio data. The compression ratio of the algorithm varies from 36% to 78% or even greater, and depends on the size of audio data, the balance between the tone and noise component, bit depth and other factors. Usually, the higher is the bit depth and the fidelity of audio data the better is the compression ratio.
The EdgeSounds RatHole can be successfully used as a common archiving utility for any other file types as well.
System Requirements:
Mac OS X v. 10.4.4 or later.
More Info: http://www.edgesounds.com/rathole.aspx
MSRP: Free