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EdgeSounds Studio Grand

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Studio Grand EdgeSounds Studio Grand, a grand piano sound sample library.

For this project two Blüthner grand pianos were used: a Concert Grand and a Studio Grand built in Germany in mid 1950’s. Also included is a prepared piano, where metal plates were placed on each hammer. EdgeSounds approached the creation of this library from the point of view of a performer and a sound engineer involved in a real record production. The main ingredients of this process are a good musician with an extensive studio experience, plus a creative vision of an experienced record producer for how the sound should be produced and what part of the recorded sound is essential to the final recording as a listener would hear it. The concept behind this particular library was to capture the very core of the sound of a beautiful instrument in an exact way as it would be done at a recording session, and make it not only sound good by itself, but be useful for a broad range music production.   Content includes 795 24 Bit 96 KHz linear samples totaling the 4.3 GB of sample data, which comprise the 3 performance programs.

Available for NI Kontakt 2.2 and up, GIGA Studio 3 and compatible instruments.


Kontakt 2: 24 Bit, 96 Khz; DVD-Rom 4300 Mb
MSRP: US$ 99.95

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GIGA Studio 3: 24 Bit, 96 Khz; DVD-Rom 4320 Mb
MSRP: US$ 99.95

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